What is BTCX?

BitcoinX (BTCX) is the most advanced version of Bitcoin currently available. Due to the recent issues with Bitcoin we decided to take some of the best features from Bitcoin and some of the best features from Ethereum and combine them, the outcome....BTCX.

BTCX is the token which will make a breakthrough in the crypto community. With low transaction fees which confirm within minutes we fix the issue that Bitcoin offers since BTCX is an ERC20 token. Being on the Ethereum network gives us the ability to implement something Bitcoin does not have to offer, smart contracts. BTCX will only have a supply of 21,000,000 Tokens.

BTCX Specs

  • Token Contract Address: 0xd3e24a173258688d17b0d0feefbf14ec2ca53ad0
  • Token Name: Bitcoin X
  • Token Ticker/Symbol: BTCX
  • Token Amount/Supply: 21,000,000
  • Token Decimal Points: 18


BTCX transactions will be confirmed within 30 seconds and on average it will only cost .1 USD to send BTCX anywhere in the world.


BTCX allows you to deploy smart contracts within minutes.


BTCX is on the Ethereum network which provides maximum security and anonymity.

BitcoinX Roadmap



  • BTCX was created
  • BTCX Website Creation
  • Distribution of BTCX will begin via Airdrops, Bounties, and other interactions with the BTCX community
  • Exchange Listing(s): Click Here

  • Q1


  • Whitepaper Release
  • Create BTCX Payment Processor
  • Q2


  • Mobile Wallet Creation
  • Live testing of BTCX Payment Processor
  • Q3


  • Merchant and eCommerce Inegration
  • Additional Exchange Listings
  • Q4


  • BTCX Marketplace
  • Implementation with established processors.
  • Buy BitcoinX Now!

    Supported Wallets

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